Wasting too much time searching for scientific articles and not enough time reading them?

Posted by on January 15, 2019

The volume of newly published scientific literature continues to grow at a staggering pace. A recent PubMed statistic indicates that the database hosts almost 29 million citations, with more than 1.3 million added in 2018 alone; a number that increased by 35% since 2013! And this accounts only for journals that are indexed by PubMed, so the numbers are much higher after taking into account all of the other bodies of literature not indexed in PubMed.

On this background of expanding scientific information, it has become increasingly important for stakeholders (e.g., lawyers, manufacturers, risk assessment managers, etc.) to maintain an awareness of the latest scientific developments because this information can have a big impact on litigation and business risks and opportunities.

Keeping up with the scientific literature can be a major time-sink and point of stress for stakeholders and their teams. A major problem is that so much time is spent searching and filtering through lists of potentially relevant literature, and not enough time devoted to reading, analyzing, and determining the potential impact of a study on your case or business. And no matter how many feeds or alerting services are utilized, there is the constant nagging feeling that some important article has been missed.

DataTrove® was designed to provide a solution to these problems. DataTrove® is a platform that acts as your personalized literature search assistant that helps keep you up to date with scientific literature that is relevant to you. Our expert curators, coupled with machine-learning algorithms, provide the best opportunity to ensure that the relevant literature is identified, and the results are then conveniently delivered to you in a single email once per week [SEE EXAMPLE EMAIL ALERT].



By moving to a single source of information that is delivered to your inbox, you can eliminate all of alerting services and feeds, and turn your attention to the content of the literature being delivered to your inbox. Furthermore, the results are stored on the cloud so that the literature can be accessed remotely, instantly, and it is easy to find.

If you are frustrated with your current scientific literature search strategy (on any scientific topic), get in touch and learn how DataTrove® can save you valuable time and prevent frustration.

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