Managing Relationships: Identifying and Engaging Thought Leaders in Pharma and Biotech

Posted by on March 29, 2018

Who are Key Opinion Leaders and why they are important?

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are physicians and scientific experts that have an independent voice or strong impact earned from an established reputation in their field.

These thought leaders are extremely useful to pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, as they can play an important role in nearly all phases of the product lifecycle.

From research and development activities, conducting clinical trials, writing manuscripts, and to providing marketing feedback to help establish the knowledge base or expand the product’s market use, KOLs are integral to a company’s success.

They are important for numerous reasons, not only because they impact product value, but they also help develop individualized tactical implementation plans and provide strategic insights that drive key product messages to decision-makers. Every company should know how to effectively manage KOL relationships.

The Challenge

Despite the importance of key opinion leader relationships, many companies may not utilize and obtain the benefits of a centralized system to manage their KOLs relationships.

In some cases, contacts may be distributed among many departments, individuals, or files with no efficient or consistent way to access, manage or leverage the information. In other cases, they may lack an effective process to create and maintain meaningful and collaborative relationships with KOLs.

The repercussions of mismanaged relationships can be extremely costly. Not only might you miss the opportunity to leverage valuable KOL insight, but these key experts may be enlisted by competitors to your product’s/company’s disadvantage.

The Solution

Innovative Science Solutions (ISS) has developed a solution specifically designed to simplify the key opinion leader management process.  

We have a proven track record of researching and identifying the right people for the specific needs of a particular project – across different therapeutic areas and all stages of a product lifecycle.

However, it is not enough merely to find the right people. It takes care and expertise to manage a meaningful relationship. Time is valuable for these influential individuals and it’s important to manage the relationships in a way that is mutually beneficial for these experts.

We are particularly skilled at creating and maintaining lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and identified KOLs. Our influence mapping techniques and wide-net identification procedures, allow for individualized engagement plans, that are flexible, productive and long-lasting.  

ISS’ DataTrove KOL Management System allows functional teams to manage all KOL relationships in a centralized location. Our system organizes KOL profiles as well as relevant documents and research information from across the organization; records events, attendees and interactions; and tracks performance and deliverables.



How can ISS help you with Key Opinion Leader Development?

Preparing for an upcoming one-on-one KOL engagement, advisory board meeting, or need comprehensive logistical/administrative support (including healthcare provider reporting)? ISS can help:

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