Careers at ISS

Are you passionate about the interplay of science and business?

ISS offers impressive opportunities to scientists with the ability to be creative, strategic, and critically insightful. Driven by talent and intellectual-curiosity, our team thrives on analyzing and communicating scientific insights.

From bringing a new medical device to market to stewarding established pharmaceutical products through the legal milieu, ISS provides an exciting work environment that cultivates talent and promotes the forefront of science.

We are currently seeking candidates for the Researcher position as well as highly motivated, hard-working Interns.


ISS Staff Titles
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Possesses an independent client base, develops new projects, and expands existing projects. A director has full oversight of his/her projects in experience-driven intellectual and industry insights. For more information about Director-level opportunities, please email us.

Senior Consultant

Responsible for high-profile projects – including management, financial planning, and adherence to timelines. Senior Consultants must possess experience interacting independently with clients, maintaining strong client relationships, and managing overall client expectations. The ideal candidate will have a highly developed understanding of scientific concepts, critical and analytical abilities, communication skills, and significant involvement with business development. 


Consultants must have the ability to take a high level of ownership of their projects. Consultants are able to work independently with minimal oversight. The ideal candidate will possess a comprehensive understanding of scientific concepts and experience with client interaction.


Able to analyze and interpret scientific data, interact with scientific professionals, and provide knowledgeable contributions to written work products and deliverables. The ideal candidate should possess strong scientific skills, critical and analytical abilities, and be able to support business development initiatives. 


Conducts in-depth internet research, reviews scientific documents, and provides support to managers and consultants. Researchers are responsible for information management and curating client-facing databases. The ideal candidate will possess basic scientific training.


Do you possess a specialized area of expertise? ISS regularly offers opportunities for scientists who wish to interact with us on a project-by-project basis. For more information about Subcontractor opportunities, please email us.