The Meso Gene

Posted by on May 29, 2018

The ongoing revolution in genomic science is having an impact on many facets of modern life, including toxic tort litigation. This point was apparent at the recently held American Conference Institute’s 23rd National Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation (May 21-23, 2018) in Chicago, where I presented with my colleague Kirk Hartley (also of ToxicoGenomica) on a panel titled “The Meso Gene.” On the panel, we covered various topics related to waging a genomics defense in toxic tort cases, including the following:

  • Expanding the scientific limits of epidemiology as applied to specific causation in asbestos and talc cases
  • Recent legal motions requiring plaintiffs to test for certain genes including BAP1
  • Identifying newer genes and related scientific studies
  • Determining whether there is a “meso gene” that makes plaintiffs predisposed or susceptible to certain types of cancer

You can download a copy of my slides below.

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Download a complimentary copy of Dr. Schwartz’s talk titled: “The Meso Gene”: Evaluating Predispositions to Certain Types of Cancer.


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