Bridging the Gap Between Science and the Law

Insurance Industry Weighs in on the Future of Asbestos Liabilities

Posted by David Schwartz on Mon, Nov, 23, 2015

On November 19th, Innovative Science Solutions and two partner organizations - Assured Research and the LSP Group - delivered a webinar sponsored by SNL Knowledge Center, titled: New Science and Law in Asbestos Litigation

In this webinar, we explored recent developments affecting asbestos liabilities drawing from our New Science and Law in Asbestos Litigation report released this past summer. Bringing together views from the legal, scientific/medical, and actuarial professions our team painted a sobering picture of this legacy liability that won’t go away.

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What’s the Real Difference Between a Consulting Expert and a Testifying Expert?

Posted by David Schwartz on Tue, Oct, 13, 2015

In previous posts, we have discussed the value of consulting experts in complex scientific litigation such as pharmaceutical product liability, toxic tort, intellectual property disputes,  cases (see, for example, here and here).

But what’s the real difference between a consulting expert and a testifying expert? 

Expert Recruitment

A good testifying expert is clearly an invaluable commodity because he or she is responsible for articulating your scientific case to the jury. However, identifying that right expert for your case is not always an easy thing to do. In order to find the right expert, you often need a consulting expert. A consulting expert is someone who knows the expert community and can help you figure out what type of expert to talk to. He can challenge your viewpoints as to what expert disciplines you need and who you should talk to.

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Genomics, Cancer, and Asbestos - ISS Presenting at DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar

Posted by Giovanni Ciavarra on Thu, Sep, 17, 2015

Innovative Science Solutions and two partner organizations - Venebio Group and the LSP Group - will be presenting at the upcoming Asbestos Medicine DRI Seminar being held in Las Vegas on November 5-6, 2015. 

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Finding the Ideal Expert in Complex Scientific Litigation – An Ongoing Process to Win your Case

Posted by Ted Dunkelberger on Mon, Aug, 24, 2015

Clearly there are a host of factors relevant to achieving a favorable outcome in complex scientific litigation, including product liability and toxic tort cases. Yet after more than 20 years of working with counsel, we are convinced that finding the ideal expert for your case may be the single most important activity relevant to prevailing in a legal challenge. The right experts often play a significant role in conveying key messages to a jury and providing the backbone to developing a winning argument.

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Are You Up-To-Date on E-cigarette Science?

Posted by Kimber Tremblay on Tue, Aug, 04, 2015

If you have an interest in potential liability issues related to e-cigarettes - that is, you are an e-cigarette manufacturer or a lawyer defending a manufacturer- it is critical to stay aware and up-to-date on the emerging science.

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New Report: Revolution in Molecular Biology to Drive Major Change in Asbestos Litigation

Posted by David Schwartz on Wed, Jul, 22, 2015

Innovative Science Solutions and two partner organizations - Assured Research and the LSP Group - have just released a new report: New Science and Law in Asbestos Litigation: A Multi-Disciplinary Look at Change and Future Directions.

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E-Cig Science Remains Hazy—and Is Still Emerging

Posted by Kimber Tremblay on Tue, Jun, 30, 2015

The science related to e-cigarettes (or e-cigs) remains hazy at best, primarily because e-cigs are relatively new to the marketplace. Nonetheless, scientists are diligently working to collect data on the use of e-cigs and their potential health effects. A simple PubMed search for published articles with the term "e-cigarette" in the title reveals about 50 publications in 2015 alone; this is just scratching the surface. Innovative Science Solutions (ISS) has been closely tracking the latest scientific developments related to e-cigs (see here for a post on tracking the science), as well as the US Food & Drug Administration's (FDA's) activities on this front—including its recent three-part workshop on e-cigs. In this post, we provide an update on some of the latest science that has emerged with regard to the safety and efficacy of e-cigs as smoking-cessation tools.

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Asbestos Science and Liability: An effort to challenge the status quo

Posted by David Schwartz on Tue, Jun, 23, 2015

This article was authored by Bill Wilt of Assured Research. In this post, Bill provides an advanced summary of research that was performed for an upcoming White Paper on asbestos science and liability. The White Paper will be published as a joint offering by Innovative Science Solutions, Assured Research, and Kirk Hartley. You can find brief biographical sketches on both Bill and Kirk at the end of the blog post.


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Litigator's Guide to Combating Junk Science - 2nd Edition

Posted by Giovanni Ciavarra on Wed, Jun, 17, 2015


ISS and A2L have just published the new and revised second edition of our ebook, The Litigator’s Guide to Combating Junk Science, Second Edition. Don't let junk science corrupt the facts in your case. Download your copy of our ebook today, and strike back against misinformation, unsubstantiated claims, and misleading data.

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Building a Case Through History

Posted by David Schwartz on Tue, Jun, 09, 2015

This post was authored by Kenneth Lipartito, Ph.D. and Patricia A. Watson, Ph.D. of the Business History Group. Kenneth Lipartito is Professor of History at Florida International University in Miami and Principal in the Business History Group. An award-winning author of books on the history of business and technology, he has served as an expert witness and consultant in cases involving lead, asbestos and other consumer products. Patricia A. Watson is a historian of medicine and Principal of the Business History Group. She has worked with a wide range of business clients, including Merck, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, WSJ Online, American Express and L’Oreal, and provided expert historical research in cases involving lead, asbestos and PCBs.

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